The Gist Kinsman Ranch is located in south Texas, just east of the famous ‘Golden Trianlge’, known for growing some of the biggest whitetail bucks in the world. We have a unique topography that includes classic south Texas native brush, giant bull mesquite trees, cactus flats, and rolling savannahs of the Texas gulf coast. Our rainfall is significantly greater than just 40 miles to the west and this provides an eco-system that provides ideal habitat for growing world class ‘chocolate antlered’ whitetail bucks. Much of the plant-life on the ranch gives visitors a tropical feel that is enhanced by native and migratory birds. This, along with a consistent southeast coastal breeze reinforces the ranches close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico.

Owners Dr. Greg and Beth Gist have developed one of the states most exciting scientific  whitetail breeding operations as well as offering limited commercial hunts in the trophy pastures of the GKR each year. Whitetail deer are a real passion and a way of life for our owners and the entire GKR staff.

The GKR is 1 1/2 hours south of San Antonio International Airport and 1 hour west of Corpus Christi International Airport. Consider a visit to see one of the states most exciting young scientific breeding operations or consider inquiring about one of the only several commercial hunts offered each year, for a legitimate opportunity to harvest a mature 200″+ GKR-monster buck!

 The Gist Kinsman Ranch can assist you:

GKR-brand-logo-If you are a land owner wanting to seriously upgrade the whitetail genetics on your property with an organized and systematic re-stocking program of trophy and managed deer for your enjoyment and profitability.

 – If you are a new or established scientific deer breeder, the GKR can assist you with 100% south Texas super-genetics, as well as several mixed Texas/ Northern bloodlines that will predictably improve the size and look of the bucks for the future of your breeding program.

 – If you are a whitetail trophy hunter looking for the hunting experience and the buck of a lifetime. We offer a limited number of commercial hunts each year on the GKR, and we have nothing but big bucks in our pastures. This is due to a very unique and aggressive management plan instituted in 2007 and is yielding great results. Our entry level mature management bucks score 150-180″ BC, and our trophy hunters will have opportunities to harvest a buck that scores well over 200″ BC.

 We hope you enjoy our website, and if we can be of service to you, please give us a call or shoot us an email!

God Bless,

The Gist Family