“The GKR has quietly done the HARD WORK needed to create THE Most Exclusive and Exciting Doe Herd in Texas as well as The Entire Industry!!!”

…David McQuaig

“This GKR lineup HAS IT ALL, no matter what you are looking for! Congrats to ‘Doc’ and all that is going on at The GKR! I for one, can’t wait to see the results of this lineup.”

…Brad Sullivan, Sullivan Whitetail Ranch

“With Integrity that is unsurpassed in our industry, The GKR has built one of the ‘Elite Doe Herds’ in Texas. We are extremely excited to be associated with the GKR.”

                   ….Chris Ezell, Tulsa View Whitetails

“My jaw dropped to the floor when I looked over The GKR’s breeding’s for 2014!!! I am excited for ‘Doc’ and the entire GKR Team and suspect Great things will come their way.”

…Chris McSpadden, The Refuge

“If I were a betting man, I would lay down BIG MONEY on the GKR having some of THE BEST Power Does in the industry. This is based on what I have seen on the GKR with my own two eyes and what I imagine will come out of these AMAZING 2014 pairings”

…Keith Warren of Keith Warren Outdoors

“In 2012 ‘Doc’ said to me, “Miss Donna, my goal is to produce a herd of 300″ typical framed deer on a consistent basis. It will take me a few years, but I believe we can do it.” Based on this INCREDIBLE DOE herd The GKR has been quietly building and these breeding combinations…I would say, well done GKR! I feel a breath of fresh air on its way. Some might even say a ‘Typical Revolution’!!”

…Donna Boy- Owner/Editor of The Deer Breeders Gazette

“With these GKR ‘Power Does’ and this exclusive breeding, what are the chances The GKR will emerge and stay ON TOP for years to come? We think you can just COUNT ON IT…”

…Randy Barks- Editor of Deer Tracking Magazine